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Parent Information

My Societi is an information portal designed for young people, by young people.

Created for Young People, backed by Doctors

My Societi has been developed by Societi Foundation, the U.K. Foundation for Kawasaki Disease (registered charity 1173755). It provides information for teenagers, 13-18+ who have been affected by Kawasaki Disease. Working with both young people and doctors who specialise in the care of children with Kawasaki Disease, we’ve developed the content to include topics which young people regularly seek information on.

Information you can trust

With a lot of information available online about Kawasaki Disease – but so much of it inaccurate, out of date or simply frightening, we decided to create a trusted online resource that parents and carers can confidently direct children and young people to, for information and answers to questions they might have.

My Societi is a hub of online information for young people who have been affected by Kawasaki Disease and want to know more. Backed by doctors, My Societi contains information that young people and parents can trust. Young people can ask our experts the questions they want answered, read up on facts and get answers to their questions, listen to podcasts and watch interview with too UK doctors and specialists – all created especially for My Societi. They can also hear about Kawasaki Disease from other young people.

Information and resources for your teenager

Whether your child wants to know more about Kawasaki Disease to understand more about how the illness affected them, learn more about treatment, moving on from paediatric care to adult care, staying healthy or they simply want to hear about others’ experiences, there is something here for them.

If there’s extra topics you’d like to see on My Societi – or of you have questions you’d like us to answer. please get in touch! We will continue to develop it over time to make sure it’s doing what it needs to!

Contribute to My Societi

Throughout My Societi you’ll see quotes and blogs from young people who have been affected by Kawasaki Disease. If you think your son or daughter would like to share their story – please encourage them to get in touch or get in touch with us directly. The insights other young people have already shared bring My Societi to life, we think – so we’re already looking for more stories! Rest assured that for any contributor under 18, we’ll seek parent or carer consent before anything gets published!

Support our work

Societi Foundation’s work, including this portal is funded mostly by donations. Please consider a donation to help us continue our work and to make sure My Societi continues to develop to meet the needs of every young person affected by Kawasaki Disease in the U.K.  You can donate here. Thank you.

Important Notice

Please be aware that My Societi includes information, specific to young people who have had Kawasaki Disease, on topics including pregnancy, childbirth and contraception. It also includes information on how to avoid smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs.  We have included these topics because both our advising doctors and the young people helping us design My Societi said this was important information for them.

You might have a pre-teen child who you think would find some of the content in My Societi helpful. For pre-teens, we’d suggest that you might want to sit with them and help them navigate the site.

Please also see our Terms and Conditions page – My Societi does not give, and should not be construed as giving, medical advice.