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Patient Group 5

If you currently have a clot or other blockage in a coronary artery (main blood vessel in your heart), you are in Patient Group 5. If you're in this group, you'll have had serious damage to your heart when first affected by Kawasaki Disease and you'll have regular ongoing care from specialist doctors. You'll probably be a bit of an expert in Kawasaki Disease too!

We said no jargon didn’t we! It’s sometimes tricky to explain some of the detailed stuff without using medical terms – but we’ve provided some explanations. There’s everything you need to know about ‘coronary artery aneurysms’ on another page – Check it out here.

Not sure whether your heart was affected when you had Kawasaki Disease?

Maybe you don’t have all the low-down on when you were first ill. Why not show your parent, carer – or GP this site. Talk to them about your Kawasaki Disease experience and ask them to answer your questions.