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My Societi is here to give you all the info you need about Kawasaki Disease

My Societi is packed with information for young people affected by Kawasaki Disease.

We want you to know everything you need to about Kawasaki Disease – and to have all the information you need to make decisions about your life and your health as you grow up.

On My Societi, you‘ll find lots of useful info (we hope!) videos and more – created just for this website by Kawasaki Disease experts and other specialists. All the information on My Societi has been checked by doctors too who are part of our charity (our Scientific Advisory Board) so you can rely on it being as accurate and as up to date as possible. My Societi has information about Kawasaki Disease, your health, staying healthy, other young people’s experiences of Kawasaki Disease and help with raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease.

My Societi has been developed by the UK’s charity for Kawasaki Disease – Societi Foundation. You can find out more about them here. All the information on My Societi relates to the UK, to our NHS ways of working and to research that’s been done in the UK.

You might wonder….. why are we stating the obvious…!? Because actually, lots of info you might find online relates to other countries with different health systems, different approaches, and believe it or not – differences in Kawasaki Disease! All of that can mean uber-confusion, for sure! So – we’ve created this site for YOU with everything you need to know if you’re in the UK.


There may be questions you have about Kawasaki Disease that you can’t find an answer to on My Societi. Don’t worry! Because if you have a question, we’d love you to get in touch. We’ll ask our doctors and we’ll put your question (and the answer!) on to My Societi so other young people with Kawasaki Disease can see it too!

Kawasaki Disease is just part of life. Everyone goes through their own troubles in life. Everyone’s different.